a woman sitting in a room with many Shipping Boxes

Get Creative: Design Your Own Shipping Boxes!

Get Creative: Design Your Own Shipping Boxes!

a woman sitting in a room with many Shipping Boxes

Designing your own shipping boxes can be a fun and creative process. It sets your brand apart and offers a unique unboxing experience for customers. You can customize details like size and design. This helps elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Let’s explore custom shipping boxes and how they can benefit your brand.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Vivid Printing Hub offers custom shipping boxes in various styles to meet different needs. They have standard boxes in three sizes for quick shipping. The boxes are sturdy, made of corrugated cardboard for durability during transit. Customers can get their custom boxes quickly due to fast turnaround times.

Designing the boxes is easy with Vivid Printing Hub online design tool and premade templates. They use digital CMYK printing and UV cure technology for high-quality printing results. Customers can add extra colors at no additional cost for more customization options. The white blank boxes provide a canvas for vibrant colors to pop.

Vivid Printing Hub ensures that every aspect of the custom shipping boxes is of high quality. From the sturdy materials to the eco-friendly options, customers get excellent quality without needing extra packaging for shipment.

Materials for Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes are typically made from materials like corrugated cardboard. These materials offer durability and cost-effectiveness for safely packaging larger items. Corrugated cardboard’s robust nature ensures that items arrive undamaged, while also being recyclable.

When creating custom shipping boxes on platforms like Vivid Printing Hub, customers have the option to select from premade templates or use the online design tool for a personalized touch. The digital CMYK printing with UV cure boosts colors and ink sheen, providing more color choices at no extra cost. This ensures that the boxes are visually appealing and distinctive.

The plain white boxes can be personalized with branding elements and designs, making them ideal for displaying a company’s logo and colors. Moreover, the interior space of these custom shipping boxes offers ample room for large products and protective filler to secure items during shipping.

For those uncertain about the final design, ordering a custom-printed proof or a sample box can assist in visualizing the end product.

Inks for Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes offer a variety of inks for customization. Digital CMYK printing with UV cure ensures vibrant colors and a slight sheen, enhancing the appearance. They also allow additional colors at no extra cost, perfect for creating striking designs. Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes use white blank boxes for optimal ink color vibrancy. These inks make the boxes stand out and reflect the brand’s identity. The sturdy fluting of the cardboard ensures durability in various shipping scenarios. This eliminates the need for extra outer packaging.

High-quality printing guarantees integrity during transit. An online design tool and premade templates simplify the designing process. This ensures the final product meets customer expectations. If adjustments are needed, the packaging prepress team inspects every file for print-readiness and quality.

Color Test for Custom Shipping Boxes

During the color test phase on Vivid Printing Hub, customers can choose specific colors for their custom shipping boxes. This helps make sure the packaging aligns with their branding.

Vivid Printing Hub uses digital CMYK printing with UV cure for high-quality printing. There’s also an option to add more colors at no extra cost. They print on white blank boxes to enhance color vibrancy and design impact.

Customers can use premade templates and an online design tool to create a custom-printed proof of their box before ordering. This ensures the corrugated cardboard boxes are sturdy and meet expectations.

Customers can order a sample box to check quality. These boxes are recyclable, protective, and suitable for larger products. The custom shippers have ample interior space, customizable sizes, and printed designs inside for various shipping needs.

Fast turnaround time, live chat customer support, and thorough file inspection ensure excellent quality for shipping across the United States.

Design Help for Custom Shipping Boxes

Customers working with Vivid Printing Hub can design custom shipping boxes easily. They can personalize their boxes with high-quality printing using digital CMYK and UV cure for bright colors. They also have the choice to add extra colors at no additional cost. Customers can opt to print on white blank boxes for better color enhancement.

Vivid Printing Hub offers sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes with B-flute fluting, ensuring durability during shipping. This ensures that products reach their destination in top condition. Customers can select from standard white or premium white exteriors to further customize their boxes and match their brand.

With an online design tool and pre-made box templates, creating the perfect custom shipping box to reflect a brand’s style and values is a simple process. Customers also have the option to request a custom-printed proof or a sample box to see their designs in person. This helps customers feel confident that the final product will meet their standards for quality and representation.

Sample Options for Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes come in a variety of styles, such as auto lock bottom boxes, mailer boxes, gable boxes, cube boxes, and more.

When designing with Vivid Printing Hub , customers can choose between kraft, standard white, or premium white corrugated cardboard materials. This ensures sturdy and recyclable packaging.

Using Vivid Printing Hub online design tool, customers can incorporate features like digital CMYK printing with UV cure, additional colors at no extra cost, and even print designs on the inside of the box, all on white blank boxes.

The sturdy custom shippers provided for larger products offer ample interior space, up to 1690 cubic inches. This protects items in various shipping scenarios without the need for additional outer packaging.

With a quick turnaround time, customers can order a sample box to ensure excellent quality before committing to larger quantities.

Product Guarantee for Custom Shipping Boxes

Vivid Printing Hub product guarantee for custom shipping boxes ensures customer satisfaction with high-quality printing and sturdy materials.

When designing custom shipping boxes with the online tool, customers can expect detailed customization and fast turnaround times.

The sturdy corrugated cardboard used in these shipping boxes provides protection during transit, with the option to add protective filler for larger products.

Digital CMYK printing with UV cure ensures vibrant colors and additional colors can be added at no extra cost.

These custom-printed shipping boxes are made from recyclable materials and can be shipped in the mail without requiring additional packaging.

The quality is consistently maintained through thorough checks of customer files and close inspection during the packaging prepress stage.

Micro-adjustments are made in case of any issues to ensure excellent print quality.

Customers can order sample boxes to preview the design before placing bulk orders.

Vivid Printing Hub focus is on delivering reliable, customizable, and sustainable packaging solutions to meet customer needs.

Order Your Custom Printed Packaging

Customers can choose from a range of box styles at Vivid Printing Hub . Whether opting for standard sizes or fully customizable options, Vivid Printing Hub offers durable and recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes.

Designing these shipping boxes is easy with Vivid Printing Hub online design tool and premade templates, allowing for quick customization.

With quick turnaround times and high-quality digital CMYK printing with UV cure, customers can expect vibrant designs on their boxes. Vivid Printing Hub ensures that all customer files are print-ready, conducting thorough checks for excellent quality.

For those wanting to preview their design, selecting a custom-printed proof or a sample box is an option. The sturdy custom shippers have ample space for larger products and offer protective filler for safe transit.

Vivid Printing Hub dedication to customer service, innovative design tools, and commitment to sustainability make them a top choice for custom shipping solutions.

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