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Welcome to our extensive collection of custom boxes, designed to meet all your packaging needs. Whether you’re looking for packaging solutions for your business or personal use, you’ll find a wide array of options here at Vivid Printing Hub. We offer these high-quality boxes at the most competitive rates.
CBD Boxes
Elevate Your CBD Brand with Premium Custom Packaging.
Cosmetic Boxes
Elevate your beauty brand with our stunning custom cosmetics boxes.
Kraft Boxes
Embrace eco-friendly packaging with our versatile Kraft boxes.
Rigid Boxes
Experience luxury and durability with our exquisite rigid boxes.

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We offer free online support for all order and our packaging expert help you to get what you are looking for.

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We offer Free online Graphic Design Support on all order, so once you wish to proceed with the project, we design your project from scratch and get your approval on it to proceed further.

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We offer delivery services through renounced courier companies, such as FedEx, Skynet, DHL etc.


Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the specific product line and customization requirements. Please reach out to our product specialists for detailed information regarding the MOQ for the product you are interested in.

We strive to accommodate orders of various sizes to meet our customers diverse needs so don’t hesitate to contact us!

We strongly recommend that our esteemed customers adhere to our minimum order quantities to mitigate associated setup costs. However, we do accommodate smaller orders upon request and strive to fulfill our customers’ specific needs.

If you are interested in placing an order for a sample, we kindly request that you reach out to our dedicated product specialists. They will be delighted to assist you in this regard and provide further guidance.

Our current production times typically range from an estimated average of 10 to 30 business days, contingent upon factors such as packaging type, order size, and the time of the year. It’s important to note that greater customization and the inclusion of additional processes in your custom packaging generally result in slightly longer production durations.

Please be aware that all dates provided are estimates and not guaranteed. Production times are subject to change without prior notice due to the dynamic nature and unpredictability of order volumes. View our per product line turnaround times here.

Absolutely! We take pride in ensuring that all our paper-based packaging solutions are entirely recyclable. If you are seeking more sustainable alternatives for your packaging needs, we encourage you to consult with our knowledgeable product specialists. They will provide expert guidance and assistance in exploring environmentally friendly options that align with your requirements.

Prior to proceeding with production, our proficient pre-press team will provide you with a digital proof of your custom packaging. This comprehensive proof allows you to review and evaluate the final design and make any necessary adjustments or approvals before moving forward with the production phase.

Yes, we offer services UK, Canada and Australia as well.

Yes, before presenting our designs and printing methods, we take the concerns from the customers and figure out what exactly their requirements are.

High-quality Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes are completely different from traditional ready-made custom boxes for packaging. The design of this customized box is according to the size or design of the product. Therefore, the product fits accurately inside it. Many business owners of different brands require custom boxes wholesale for the selling of their products. Due to the cost of the products, brands prefer to pack them in the perfect boxes. But, the main question is how to find a place where you can find the boxes for customized packaging. The best way is to purchase a custom box of your choice from Vivid Printing Hub. This brand is a leading name in the field of offering high-quality Custom printed Boxes  

Why choose Custom Packaging Boxes? 

Today, we live in a modern era where everything is done digitally. It is a major reason for people’s interest in purchasing different items online. Therefore, the manufacturers & retailers have the first preference to choose the custom boxes for their products wisely. The major factors that all brands look for in Custom Packaging Boxes are their stylish design and that fit securely any kind of item.   

Custom packaging solutions

When a manufacturer delivers his products to their clients, the first thing that introduces the products is box packages. The only way to impress clients is through wonderful packaging solutions. It is all possible when the brands use custom boxes with logos. As a result, the clients will remember them more for their products.      

For brands: 

The brands will grow more with the utilization of custom boxes solutions. They are fully customizable. Even, you can customize them with a specific pattern. All of them are high quality but affordable. So, your financial budget will never enhance their purchasing.

For enterprises: 

Packaging solutions are a great way for all enterprises to expand their business. Further, if you are new to establishing your business, you should choose a packaging box that is affordable. With time, your business will grow and then you will enable to utilize little expensive packing for your products.

Get an imaginative packaging solution

This place is perfect for you if you are in search of meeting your packaging needs more quickly. We focus on the demands of the customers for the manufacturing of customized boxes. With the help of advanced technology of printing, our custom printing packaging boxes are in the number one place. Any kind of packaging box is with customizable characteristics. This customizable option is available in size, shape, design, etc. We have good experience in providing imaginative packaging solutions.    

The designers are experts in their field and they always try to utilize any newer technology of printing. This step is beneficial for setting higher standards for the packaging’s demand. Furthermore, it is the source of communication medium with your customers. Due to the availability of different colors, you can choose the color of the box as per your product’s requirement.         

Wholesale Packaging Boxes

Nowadays, packaging is the biggest part of every country’s retail market. With the best quality of the products, it is also essential to pack them in outstanding boxes. Vivid Printing Hub is one of the popular suppliers of custom boxes wholesale. It makes the best varieties of box designs, prints, and colors. You have the full option of customizing them as per your preference.     

When you choose an attractive box for the product, it will surely attract customers. The customers will again want to purchase from you if you provide your product with good packaging. It is because they get an amazing experience of un-boxing it. The customized wholesale boxes are with innovative ideas for designs and prints.     

Utilizing the high-quality materials

The custom box is not costly price. Any kind of box is economical. So, all manufacturers can easily afford the purchasing a large amount of it. Its surface is too firm that even a delicate item present inside it will never get any kind of harm. Most importantly, the packaging materials depend on which sort of box you want for your product. But, one common thing is all materials are that they have great resistance against any type of potential damage. It gives you surety that the product will remain secure during shipping with Custom Packaging Boxes. 

Top-Quality Custom Boxes for the creation of an impression

In any branding of the products, Custom Printing packaging boxes are crucial. From designing to printing, everything matters a lot. Even, a proper logo on the box is also important. Your customers feel good when they hold your product’s box. There are different kinds of boxes, so you can choose as per your demand.   

Retail Packaging Boxes:

The proper placing of products on a retail shelve is essential for the best displaying of them. The retail products should organize that gain the focus of customers. Thus, the display of custom boxes with logo is a good option. Such boxes are beautifully designed that enhances the products’ worthiness. Even, they contain every detail like name, tagline, etc. For instance, they are ideally chosen for books, pillows, window boxes, etc. It ensures an attractive look for retail packaging. Consequently, it positively impacts customers.

Food Boxes:

Now, most individuals order food items for lunch or dinner. Therefore, the food manufacturers also require using of custom boxes with logo. They are manufactured with food-grade materials that are not harmful to health. The designers have also ideas of how to package different food items perfectly like pizza, cake, etc. You can easily choose which box size and shape is excellent for you. This step is for providing food services that look more mouthwatering. The reputation of the brand needs the proper packaging of food in boxes. It is an easier way to get food lovers’ trust. Moreover, the food packaging solutions will keep your food items fresh.       

Cosmetic Boxes:

Without the packaging solution, your makeup brand will never look good. Just because of our custom boxes wholesale, you will be efficient in the packing of a variety of different cosmetic items. In the industry of cosmetics, accurate packing is compulsory for every cosmetic manufacturer. In our daily lives, every man & woman uses makeup products. Our production team is exceptional in the manufacturing of cosmetic boxes that are always users friendly. These different boxes are for the packing of skincare, hair care, and other items. The step of imprinting depends on the color or campaign of your product.       

Custom Printing Boxes

The best customizable box is always according to the customer’s requirement of design and also prints. In general, printed logos are crucial for showing the product’s brand name. Always choose Custom printed Boxes that show the nature or name of your product. With aesthetic ideas, the packaging looks not only attractive but also functional. There is no issue with the Custom Printing packaging boxes accordingly to your needs. So, the high quality of them is important.

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